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des015_metallospazzolato des015_ferrogrezzo

The rigor of geometrical intersections  has a timeless and full of meanings charm, in fashion as well as architecture. Des015 of Aludesign, here in brushed metal and rough iron, bring these meanings in the vertical dimension to constantly enjoy its minimal and contemporary beauty.


The fashion show of AluDesign panels


On facebook we are preparing to MFW15!

Oggi inizia la settimana della moda milanese e noi di AluDesign vi proponiamo il pannello des034 in colore RAL6008 dalle…

Pubblicato da AluDesign su Martedì 22 settembre 2015

Milan fashion week is starting and we propose the panel des034 in color RAL6008, braided like fabrics and leathers of the best boardwalks.
Stay tuned!
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The Blue Klein and the artistic avant-garde


Blue is the focus of a major exhibition from June 27 to October 25 at Maca (Museum of Contemporary Art Acre) Acre (Cosenza) entitled ‘in Blue painting by Yves Klein Blue, the magic of color in contemporary art ‘and starts from the reproduction of the’ Venus Blue ‘, a masterpiece inspired by the Venus de Milo, created in 1960 by the French artist, two years before his death at the age of only 32 years.

Klein created in 1956 what he himself described as “the most perfect expression of blue”, an overseas saturated and bright, with no alterations, then he himself patented under the name of International Klein Blue (IKB) which refers “to infinity, the spirituality, the myth, the Mediterranean Sea, an ancient belly, laboratory of deep history and culture, mental and emotional place together, the perception of the myth of what was once the Magna Grecia “as written by the curator Francesco Poli.
Among the selected works of the most important projects undertaken by the major representatives of the art scene in the second half of the ‘900: Klein, Daniel Spoerri, Raymond Hains, César, Mimmo Rotella. Aludesign proposes, in its range of trendy colors, the blue abyss for those who like to express through color the intensity of the art even into architecture.


7000 Series Aluminum for iPhone 6S



We continue our exploration on the use of aluminum as a cutting edge material and attendant to technology . It is very recent news the launch of the new iPhone 6S that, in addition to the new software, introduces an important innovation in hardware: the new aluminum alloy 7000 which guarantees high mechanical performance and durability as well as lightness , essential for the portable devices. With the ability to color the aluminum, Apple also introduces a new color, rose gold, elegant and feminine that make the most popular smartphone in the world a precious and beautiful item to see.




The preferred wood of design? The oak. Aludesign presents it in ashes. But do not be fooled by its looks so natural, it’s sublimated aluminum and weather resistant!

The Essential Art


We love the artist Fan Ho for the way he catches lines and shadows of architecture and city life. A parallel with the basic design of some AluDesign panels  which we found really fitting!

(ph. panel des018 RAL9010 + Photography Series by Fan Ho)

UK Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015

People visit the United Kingdom pavilion of Universal Exposition, EXPO2015, on May 1, 2015 in Milan. Milan's EXPO2015 opens on May 1 with hopes that the six month, food-themed World's Fair will be a catalyst for economic revival, but competes with fears it will simply underline Italy's deep-seated economic problems.       AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN        (Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)


Expo 2015 – UK Pavilion: The artist Wolfgang Buttress, was inspired by research that monitors the health of hives. Entering a garden to share insect flight, the visitor follows the path of a bee, an orchard in a meadow of wild flowers and reaches a huge ALUMINUM BEEHIVE that transmits music composed by Sigur Rós sampling the sound of the bees.

Aluminum foam



Visiting the Fondazione Prada in Milan, you have probably come across an unusual wall which looked like a metal foam . It is foam slabs of aluminum present in more points which, from a distance, give the optical illusion of being thin concrete panels. Together the building covered with gold leaves make the Prada Foundation a jewel of contemporary architecture.