Blue is the focus of a major exhibition from June 27 to October 25 at Maca (Museum of Contemporary Art Acre) Acre (Cosenza) entitled ‘in Blue painting by Yves Klein Blue, the magic of color in contemporary art ‘and starts from the reproduction of the’ Venus Blue ‘, a masterpiece inspired by the Venus de Milo, created in 1960 by the French artist, two years before his death at the age of only 32 years.

Klein created in 1956 what he himself described as “the most perfect expression of blue”, an overseas saturated and bright, with no alterations, then he himself patented under the name of International Klein Blue (IKB) which refers “to infinity, the spirituality, the myth, the Mediterranean Sea, an ancient belly, laboratory of deep history and culture, mental and emotional place together, the perception of the myth of what was once the Magna Grecia “as written by the curator Francesco Poli.
Among the selected works of the most important projects undertaken by the major representatives of the art scene in the second half of the ‘900: Klein, Daniel Spoerri, Raymond Hains, César, Mimmo Rotella. Aludesign proposes, in its range of trendy colors, the blue abyss for those who like to express through color the intensity of the art even into architecture.


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